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Interlining holds an important place in apparel manufacturing. Interlinings are the accessories used between two layers of fabric to keep different components of apparel in a desired shape or to improve the aesthetics and/or performance. Generally, interlinings are soft, thick, and flexible fabric made of cotton, nylon, polyester, wool and viscose or their blends, which may be coated with some resins.

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Where is interlining used

Interlining materials are generally used in Gents,Kids & Ladies wear – suits, lehengas, collar, waist band, cuffs, jackets, outerwear plackets, blazers, etc. The intricacy of interlinings used differs largely between tailored wear and other kinds of garments.

In the nontailored garments like blouses, dresses, skirts and lightweight jackets and coats, interlinings are occasionally laid into a garment panel such as a collar or cuff and sewn around the edges when the part is constructed. In tailored garments, interlinings play a very crucial role in creating the profile of the garment and smoothing out the contours of the body.


Product Details


100% Polyester

Fabric Type & Technique


Fabric Type

Adhesive, Fusible


White / Black / Red / Charcol as per requirement




Single/Double Dot


90 / 100 / 112 / 150 cm {36” / 40” / 44” / 60”}


20 - 90 gsm

Fusing Temperature

130-150 °C

Fusing Pressure

1.0-2.0 Bar


12 ~ 18 Second

Washing Condition

Dry Clean, Washable at 60°C & 90°C

Benefits of using

Interlining in garments

For imparting strength/support, stability and shape retention.

Helps improve aesthetic and hand feel of fused laminate

Helps retain the shape of the fused part during use and after care treatment

To ensure the anticipated look, quality and effect of the fabric.

To Improves longevity of fused part

To make the apparel beautiful, strong and attractive

Difference between

Interlining Types

Woven Interlining

Woven Interlinings made from lightweight fabrics usually used for most demanding conditions like the waistband, outerwear plackets, jackets etc.

Non-woven Interlining

Fusible and sew-in nonwoven interlinings have become incredibly important part in all areas of the clothing industry and are found in almost every garment in the market. We manufacture nonwoven interlinings from all-purpose products and stitch-reinforced interlinings to particularly light or heavy specialty products.

Merits of

Fusible Interlining

Easy Application Process

High productivity & Cheap

Less fusing time

Superior Performance

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